We Act.
Cultural Rights.

We act because vital democracies, caring societies and sustainability of cities and communities cannot be achieved unless the cultural dimension of development is explicit and operational.

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A Culture Goal is essential for our Common Future

The UCLG Committee on Culture has been advocating and acting for culture to be explicitly included in the global agendas for sustainable development with a dedicated Goal on Culture. This work has been carried out through the #Culture2030Goal campaign, which gathers 7 international networks and culminated with the recognition of the need for a Culture Goal in UNESCO’s Mondiacult Conference on cultural policies in September 2022.

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The Seven Keys: Localizing Culture in the SDGs

Drawing for the practical Guide for Local Action on Culture in the Sustainable Development Goals, the UCLG Committee on Culture offers since 2018 a programme aiming at localising culture in the SDGs. The programme is tailored according to the needs, challenges and assets of participant cities and has been carried out by 10 cities so far, including: Bulawayo, Burgos, Concepción, Izmir, Lilongwe, Lisbon, Puerto de la Cruz, Saint-Louis, Xi’an, and Yoff (Dakar).

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A Culture Goal is Essential for Our Common Future

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HLPF 2022: #Culture2030Goal side-event

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Statement: Commitment to an explicit culture goal in MONDIACULT Declaration welcome: now is the time to deliver

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Statement by the #Culture2030Goal campaign on UNESCO Mondiacult 2022

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Guide for Local Action on Culture in the SDGs

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#CitiesAreListening on Culture

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Culture is the antidote to all crises.

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From local perspectives to global principles: Culture2030Goal side-event at HLPF 2022

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Partnering through Culture, Heritage and Art for Resilient and Inclusive Recovery.